Nose Ribs

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Cut the nose ribs for the fin, four are made from RS-11 and one from RS-17.


They were rather simple to make. Used a compass to draw the radius, disk sander to shape and then cut off to the proper length with the band saw.

Holding them on the fin while the glue dries was a little difficult at times.

Some rubber bands and a screw worked in some places.


Block of wood and a clamp worked in other places.


It is important to make sure that you place the blocks on the ends properly. After the plywood is wrapped around the nose ribs the excess is cut off. If you place the nose ribs too far inside when you make the cut you will have some gaps.


Soaked two RS-511 plywood pieces in water then bent them using a jig I put together. Prebending the plywood will make it easier to glue them to the nose ribs tomorrow.


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