Fin nearly complete

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This weekend my friend Fred helped me make new hinges using his mill. I was not happy with the ones I made. The new ones are much better but not 100% complete, I still need to radius the corners.

This weekend I glued the plywood to the nose ribs. After removing the plywood from the jig it looked like this.


Glued it to the nose ribs, this was not so simple for a noob. I prebent two pieces, one inside the other like the directions said to do. One had a slightly tighter bend. When attaching one looked a little different than the other. If I pulled them really tight they looked really bad, so I loosened then up and tried to pull the same amount on each piece thinking that the tightly bent one would relax a bit over the next few days. Good guess because it looks pretty good now!



Used a zillion staples, I’m sure Stanley approves and wishes I would use more.


Pulling then out sucks, I found locking pliers works great on 80% of the staples, the rest need pried up a bit first.


This is just some of the staples I removed.


Here it is, just needs varnished and four corner gussets added. Need to varnish behind the gussets before I attach them but I first need to go purchase some spar varnish.

Wondering how much this weighs? Bet you will be shocked to find it is only 1.67lbs so far.


That metal piece was there to hold the fin on the scale and is not included in the weight.

Nearly finished product:



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