Stabilizer Spar

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Before building the stabilizer I want to drill the holes for the elevator hinge so I can ensure the holes line up properly.

After glueing the hinge blocks into the stabilizer I drilled the holes in the blocks through the plywood on the spar.


Next I clamped the elevator spar and it’s hinge blocks to the stabilizer and drilled the holes through the elevator spar.



Next I sanded a dowel so it did through the holes easily. This will be used to keep things lines up when I glue the blocks into the elevator spar. I suppose one could glue the elevator spar blocks then drill them. I wanted to drill them glue because it is much easier to replace an improperly drilled block before it is glued in.

Placed a piece of wax paper between the spars and pushed the dowel through.


Removed the block, mixed up some glue and put the block back in place.


Clamped the block in place and wiped off all the excess glue that squeezed out.


Repeated this process for all three blocks then removed the dowels.


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