Fuselage Tail

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The tail section of the fuselage is taking shape. I have cut, but not glued, all the horizontal members that join the two sides. These are made from RS-6. Here is a view from station four looking towards the tail.


From station five back the sides should be straight with the bend only happening between stations four and five. I used some metal straight edges, the kind you can get at the hardware store to use as a cutting guide for your circular saw. I slowly clamped the straight edges together and when everything looked right I used some small scraps and staples to hold them in place.


As I cut each horizontal member I made the top and bottom the same length and marked the centers before putting them in place. Seeing the centers line up with my chalk line each time was encouraging.


With the laser I can see that the top and bottom line up perfectly.


After a few more checks I will start gluing these in place.


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