Corner Gussets

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After gluing the horizontal bracing in place I cut out the corner gussets from RS-652. The miter saw worked great to cut out the triangles and the bandsaw took just a few minutes to cut out the corners. They all look like this.


At station eight RS-653 is used to make a bulkhead, clamping this in place was difficult and required many clamps.


Clamping the corner gussets in place was not too hard but did require a couple of clamps for each one. Since the sides are tapered it is necessary to pull in the gussets against the RS-4 and RS-6 braces.

One bar clamp and one C clamp seemed to work best.




The final component glued on is the RS-562 plywood that reinforces the tail where the landing gear mounts.


Once this is dry I pan to fit and glue the bottom diagonals and attach the bottom ply sheeting.


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