Fitting the Cowl

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I have not posted much largely but been hard at work preparing many subcomponents. Motor mount, landing gear legs and seat support are all coming along. My plan is to make a post about each item one completed.

Before I get too much farther on the fuselage I wanted to ensure the cowl fits the fuselage OK. Good thing because modifications are needed.

The Hirth F-33 belt reduction drive is compact resulting in the propeller being farther back than when using a Rotax. Inverting the Hirth puts it a little lower. Both of those cause the cowl to be farther back and lower than how it was designed.

Contacted TEAM and David suggested to cut the top of the fuselage at an angle and add in a new piece of wood to put everything back together. I have drawn the new angled piece onto the fuselage in this picture.


Knowing what I know now I think I would have built this differently. The motor mount base needs to be higher and longer. If the base was 2-3″ higher and the front extended about 4″ the cowl would be much easier to fit. Not sure how this would change the center of gravity but seems like it would be OK.

I would also do something different with the bottom half. The slant is needed to direct the got air from the cylinder head down but it seems like the sides could be extended giving a more sleek look to the nose.


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