Gear Hinges

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Back from vacation, time to make more progress on the Mini-Max. Need to get the fuselage on its own wheels so I can move it around easier.

A couple of piano hinges are used to attach the main gear legs to the fuselage. The plans show the RS-805 hinge being 1.5″ wide, included in my kit are 3″ wide hinge. Contacted David at TEAM and he said the 1.5″ is no longer available and to get the correct pin size they had to use the larger hinge. He also said it is OK to cut 3/4″ off each side to make it 1.5″ wide. Marked and center punched all the holes.



The hinge pin is 1/2″ longer and needs bent, after drilling and bending the hinge pin they look like this.


If you look closely you can see I have also marked a straight line on each side. This is the 3/4″ that can be removed from each side. Cutting that of should save 8-12oz. I don’t have anything that can cut it without wasting hours of my time so I will deal with that some other day.


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