Attach Gear Hinge to Gear Leg

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Attaching the hinge to the gear is straight forward. The plans say to lay the hinge over the edge to position it. I used some clamps to hold it in that location.



Next I made sure the hinge was straight using a small block to simulate the fuselage side. I checked to ensure the block was the same distance from the edge the whole length of the hinge.



Then I drilled the two outer holes and one center hole. Installed bolts and again checked alignment with my block. On one leg I was a bit off and had to epoxy a dowel in the hole and re-drill it. Once satisfied I marked and drilled the remaining holes. Installed the hardware making sure the the large washer is behind the eyebolt.



Installed the hinge and bolted it down. I am using hardware store nuts, these will be replaced with aircraft grade lock nuts on final assembly.



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