Aileron nose ribs

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There are a total of thirty aileron nose ribs, twelve are 1/4″ thick and the remaining only 1/8″.  All of these need to have the same radius so the sheeting that covers them will have proper support.

I setup my dremel with the circle cutter to cut 1 3/4″ radius circles. Drilled a 1/8″ hole in the RS-672 for the pivot and cut out a half circle.


These ribs a glued onto the 1/8″ sheeting on the aileron spar so this thickness must be subtracted from the nose ribs. To accomplish this I drilled out the pivot hole to 1/4″.


Next I drew a straight line that intersects the edge of the hole.


I then sawed off the excess wood and sanded the edge flat right too the point that none of the 1/4″ hole remained. Here you can see where I was almost completed.


The angle of this straight edge is not important, what is important is that its straight and you stop sanding at the edge of the 1/4″ hole. I kept sanding little by little until the hole dissapeared.

All of the 1/4″ nose ribs, except for two, need. Cut to fit inside the ribs. To accurately mark these cut lines I stapled a 1/8″ scrap plywood piece to a rib.


Then placed the nose rib against this plywood, centered the nose rib and drew the lines at the edge of the RS-1.

Mini-max aileron nose rib fitting

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