Wing End Caps

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Making the wing end caps was fairly simple, ensuring they are aligned with the aileron properly was not so simple.

Used the aileron cap to drill the location of the center pivot.


Then used the first wing cap as a template to make three more.


There is a 1/8″ gap between the wing and aileron, this is perfect since my circle cutter has a 1/8″ bit. However the aileron is sheeted with 0.060″ plywood so it is necessary to increase the circle cutter radius by that amount.

To align the aileron and wing sheeting I need to keep track of where the center is. Since the center is being cut off of the wing plywood this is a little difficult.

Cut a little of the radius.


Then stapled a plywood sheet over the cut, then cut part of the radius on the other side.


Added another plywood strip and finished cutting the radius.


Here you can see how the aileron moves.


Now it’s time to build a rib and glue these plywood pieces on.


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