Rear Spars

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Started building the rear spars for the main wing. Since two spats are needed I plan to build them one on top of the other just like the fuselage sides. The only difference between the right and left spars is what side is sheeted with plywood.

I started by cutting the root end of the RS-9 spar caps to three degrees then gluing the doublers.

Root end of spar cap cut to 3 degrees
RS-7 rear spar doubler

Once the glue was dry I assembled the frame of the spar using RS-5 and RS-9 verticals as shown on the plan.

Root of rear spar


Then I cut the RS-11 diagonal to 30 degrees and glued it in place.

Strut attachment point on rear spar

Once this is dry I plan to build another one directly on top of this one so they both ends up identical.

Even at twelve feet long this spar was pretty simple to build.


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