Aileron Bearing Brackets

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My weekend of metal fabrication was productive. The root fittings are completed.

Mini-max root fittings

All of the strut fittings are completed.

Mimi-max strut fittings

Saved the most difficult for last, the aileron bearing brackets. These are made from steel so they are harder to cut drill and grind.

Making the spacers was the most difficult. Cutting off 3/16″ long pieces from a 3/8″ thick pipe was more difficult than I anticipated. Pipe cutter did not work. A lathe would have been the best way to cut these but I don’t have one. I ended up chucking the pipe in my drill press and holding a hack saw blade against it. Then I ground the on the same by placing them on a bolt with a nut near the end. The final piece look great.

MiniMax aileron bearings

The two brackets that are slotted on one end are the center supports for the aileron attached to rib #5. My next project will be mounting all this hardware onto the spars and ribs. Then I can start assembling the wings.


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