Rib Five

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Getting the aileron bearing centered on rib five is difficult because of where the hole is placed. After drilling the 1/4″ holes in the root and tip I made a rib sandwich, root, five then tip. To keep them indexed I use some scrap pieces of plywood.


Then I drilled the hole straight through all three ribs. Rib five now has a perfectly centered hole.


Once this was completed I started mounting the brackets. Assembled the center support and number it.


Put the bracket in place and clamped it.


Drilled the first hole then put a bolt in it.


Drilled other hole and bolted it.


The root and tip brackets were installed in a similar manner with the end result looking like this.


I don’t have the aileron forms made yet and I need them before I drill the holes to mount them so my next project will be making more brackets.


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