Support block for F-3A

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Former 3A is mounted at an angle requiring a beveled RS-9. Since I am installing a BRS parachute I have a slight problem that also needed solved.

The left bridle for the BRS needs to be routed behind F-3A and follow the former to the other side. Trying to find an elegant way to do this while still being able to open the canopy seemed elusive. What I decided to do is move F-3A forward a couple of inches so it’s directly in front of the bridle.

I made the RS-9 blocks that support the former and started working to mount them. I first clamped a straight edge to the fuselage where I wanted the back of F-3A located, just forward of the bridle exit points.



Then I glued the RS-9 blocks in place and clamped them. I was careful to set the block in from the edge of the fuselage to leave room for the plywood that will be glued to the block later.


Once both sides were clamped in place I removed the straight edge so it does not end up getting glued too.



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