Right wing assembly

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Everything is in place to start assembling the right wing. After leveling the bench and sliding the ribs onto the rear spar I used the included nails to index the ribs to the front spar.


I plan to remove the nails once the glue is dry, they will just help hold the ribs in place as the glue dries.

Wood blocks were stapled to the workbench to prevent the front spar from moving.


On the right side I nailed a block into the workbench against the side of the rear spar. When the spar is pushed against this block the wing is square. I can slide the rear spar to the left making room to insert the drag braces, then push it back to the right to hold the wing square.


The the drag braces were cut and fitted, this was covered in a previous post.

After placing wax paper under the areas that will be glued I was ready to mix up some epoxy and start gluing.


The epoxy has about one hour of working time and there are a lot of things to glue. I decided to only glue the ribs to the front spar and glue the drag braces in place. After that cures I will continue gluing the other components.

After gluing all of the joints I nailed a block to the left side of the rear spar to ensure the wing remains square while the epoxy cures.


The top of each rib was clamped to the front spar.


To ensure the bottom of the rib remains in contact with the front spar I used two clamps every other rib. One clamped to the workbench, the other reversed pushing between clamp and rear spar.


This only requires a tiny bit of pressure, too much and things start bowing.

I used a combination of staples and spreader clamps to hold the drag braces in place.



Once the glue is dry I will glue the ribs to the rear spar, gussets to the drag braces and finally the RS-5 compression members. One completed the wing will be turned around so work can begin on the trailing edge.


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