RS-5 shortage

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The next step of my wing construction is installing the compression members made from RS-5. Checked my inventory to discover I only have enough material to make four of the sixteen members.

Compression member on side of rib

Maybe my kit was incomplete but I am sure that some of my material was wasted. There are lots of very short pieces of RS-5 used in various places like the vertical members in the spars. Had I cut the compression members first and used the left over to make the spar pieces maybe I would not be in this situation.

So that’s my suggestion, before you cut short pieces off a full length RS-5, cut off about 30″ to set aside for the compression members.

David from TEAM did tell me to “cut the longest pieces first” but in this situation it was not obvious I needed longer parts since the short and long parts are on different drawings.

Guess this is a lesson in the six P principal, Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

At least it was not too expensive to correct this mistake.


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