Completing the aileron spars

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At this point I am deviating from the manual. The next step in the manual says to glue the top plywood end caps between root & #1 and tip & #10 ribs. The problem here is that the trailing edge of the wing is not yet glued on and it goes under the end cap. I will not glue the plywood caps until after the aileron is separated from the wing.

To complete the aileron spar I need to flip the wing over with the bottom facing up so the bottom caps and diagonals can be installed.


This is just like the top so I will not go into details here on installing the caps and diagonals. Once all of the components were in place the wing was flipped back over and placed on the flat workbench to dry. The only deviation from flat is I had to use some scrap plywood pieces to raise the trailing edge to make room for the trailing edge gussets.


As you can see I used tape to hold the tiny RS-1 between the diagonals in place. Epoxy does not stick to scotch tape so no worries about taking it off.

The aileron is really taking shape now.



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