Wing nose ribs

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A friend of mine had offered to cut the nose ribs for me on his CNC router. Instead I opted to do it myself because I want to build this airplane not have some computer do it for me.

I copied the template from the plans and cut out the shape on a piece of scrap wood. Then mounted it into a piece of plywood.

Wing nose rib template

There are six screws that hold the template in place.


They are poking out the template just enough to help hold the workpiece in place.


On the template I drilled two small holes in the corner of the stringer cut out. As each rib is cut out I also drilled these holes so I can easily locate the cutout on each rib.


I used clamps to hold the 1/4″ plywood in place and staples on the 1/8″. Each nose rib was cut out using a flush cut router bit.


Here is what a single rib looks like after being routed and drilled using the template.

Wing nose rib

After all of the ribs were cut out I used the band saw to cut out the notch for the stringer.

24 wing nose ribs

Each rib is nearly identical to the others, when stacked side by side they look like a solid block of wood.



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