Installing Leading Edge Ribs

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Getting everything lined up properly took more time than expected on this step.

Those RS-1 that were glued to the nose ribs were made too long so I could use rubber bands to hold the nose ribs in place while I lineup everything.


I used the aircraft nails, slightly protruding out the back of the RS-1 to keep the rib from sliding around.


Next I cut a scrap of wood to help line up the ribs properly.


The wide part was placed against the main rib, the skinny part should be against the RS-1 on the nose rib.


I used some masonry string so I could locate the center of the RS-4 stringer at each rib. The small pin under the string was placed at the root and tip so the string is slightly raised from the stringer.


I moved the rib up or down until the string was in the center. The small pin and PVC clamp held the stringer to the proper depth.


The stringer depth was adjusted at each rib until the proper gap between stringer and string was obtained.


Once everything was lined up the nails were driven in further to create an index point between rib and spar. Then each rib was removed and glued in place ensuring to line up the nails and nail holes created previously.


The stringer was then glued into the ribs and depth adjusted to the string as noted above.

I was unable to get a good picture that shows how straight the stringer is but I think it’s near perfect.


Once this is dry I will cut off the excess RS-1 on each rib and round off the stringer using a small plane. Then varnish will be applied to all non glue areas to prepare for installation of the plywood wrap.


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