Aileron Control Cable Brackets

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While some glue was drying i decided to work on fabrication some metal parts. After making the first aileron cable bracket for the flap controls I noticed that it need modified. I believe the aluminum angle used originally did not have a radius on the inside where the part in my kit does. Using the plan measurements the cable cannot be attached straight. You can see how the nut is held at an angle.


Moving the cable hole out 1/8″ moves the nut off of the radius.


Rather minor modification, here you can see original design on the left and my modified design on the right.


The completed assembly looks great.



With both aileron cables attached to the control stick you can see them in action.


The triangle torque plate provides the aileron differential where the aileron moving up travels more than the aileron moving down. In the picture above you can see how the front cable moves side to side where to rear cable moves more up to down so it travels less.


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