Engine Cowl

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One of the more frustrating aspects of this build has been the engine area. This airplane was originally designed for a Rotax engine and I am using a Hirth F-33. TEAM did provide some fuselage plans specifically for use with the Hirth but they need refined because things just don’t fit together properly.

The upper fiberglass does not fit unless the engine is moved forward. To accomplish this I modified the engine mounting plate. The original is sitting on top of the modified one.


The four holes for the engine were simply moved forward by four inches.


With the engine forward the upper cowl is fitting better. If the top width of the fuselage at station two was a couple inches less it would fit perfect but it’s too late to make such changes.


Now for the next problem, the front of the fuselage is angled leaving nothing to attach the lower cowl onto.
The angle is needed so the hot air from the engine has some place to go but the fuselage sides need to be square like the plans for the rotax engine. Had I thought of this problem earlier I would not have trimmed the plywood sides so it would look more like this.


Looks like I will be extending the sides to make this work but the first step is to complete the front of the fuselage behind the engine.

I started by adding a couple of blocks in the front corner so I have something to glue the plywood onto.


A piece of 1/8″ plywood was cut to fit vertically across the opening with the sides glued to the newly added blocks.


Another piece of wood was shaped to reinforce the bottom of the plywood and provide a glue surface for the angled piece.


Finally the angled piece is added sealing the fuselage nose.



The next step will be to extend the fuselage sides to meet up with the lower cowl.


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