Rear Turtle Deck

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Awhile back I started working on the rear turtle deck and it’s now time to complete it.

Former six made from RS-13 was cut using the provided template. Then was beveled to match the angle of the RS-5 stringers.

All of the formers were glued in place starting with F-6.

Minimax rear turtle deck formers


Once the formers were dry the stringers are glued to the formers. The stringers are glued to F-4&5 using the plywood stringer brackets. To ensure each stringer was straight I use cut a notch on the end of each stringer then pulled some string tight across the notches. Each bracket was adjusted until the stringer was straight with the string.

Some RS-7 blocks are glued in place to support the scalloped plywood cover on each end of the turtle deck.


Next I cut the scalloped plywood that covers each end and checked the fit. The rear piece I substituted with some plywood scrap of the same specification. Having the grain parallel to the tight bend was much easier.



Finally the scalloped plywood is glued in place. I tried to use only clamps but ended up needing some staples to hold it down.



The final result looks good.

Minimax rest turtle deck

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