Left Wing Assembly

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Started assembly of the left wing, the last major component. Doing things a little different than the right wing now that I have some experience.

Left wing assembly

I did not install the RS-561 gussets on the spars yet, they were a nuisance trying to keep things straight and putting them on later is no more difficult than doing it now.

I cut the three drag braces out if RS-7,8 & 9. When glueing the drag braces in place I only glued ribs #2,3,4,5,6 & 7. Once the glue was dry I glued ribs #8,9 & 10 in place and added the support blocks for the drag braces.


The RS-561 root gussets were glued in place and RS-11 corner blocks were added to the drag braces.

Rear spar gusset
Front spar gusset
Drag brace corner block, rear spar
Drag brace corner blocks front spar

Rib #1 was modified to make room for the gussets and carry through brackets then glued in place.


Compression members were cut from RS-5 and glued to ribs #3, 5, 7 & 9.


All of this took a few days working a couple hours a day. Next step is to cut the RS-653 aileron spar webbing then turn the wing around and assemble the trailing edge.


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