Elevator Cable

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I glued the nose ribs on the left wing, while that was drying I decided to get the elevator cable installed. Once the elevator cable brackets are glued in place I can start varnishing the fuselage.

I first cut the RS-201 bracket that holds the cable at the rear of the fuselage.


I did not drill the holes for the shoulder seat belt cables because I plan to mount them different than the plans after reading this accident report that will be discussed in a future post. The four mounting holes were only drilled to 1/8″. Once the bracket was in place I match drilled the fuselage using my dremel 90° attachment and a 1/8″ bit.


I then drilled the fuselage and bracket holes to 3/16″.

Next I routed the cable through the fuselage mounting it to the control stick and rear bracket.



Using some 1/8″ plywood scrap I cut three brackets with a 5/8″ hole.


I soon discovered that the bracket at station #5 needed to be made different.


Holding the cable lower with the larger bracket allowed the cable to rest in the middle of the bulkhead hole so it does not rub when moving the stick.


Here you can see the other two brackets.


Lastly two RS-9 blocks need shaped and glued in place just in front of the rear bracket.


Those were glued in place while the bracket was installed. I then removed the bracket and wiped off any excess glue that got on it. Once dry the bracket was reinstalled.


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