Nose Wheel

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David from TEAM sent me the nose wheel kit, I am so excited! The final design is much better than the prototype I looked at when I picked up my kit last year. While it’s been frustrating having to wait so long I’m glad that he did not rush it and send something inferior.

The first piece to arrive was the wheel and tire. Nothing special, a four inch nylon rim, tube and tire.


The following day the rest of the parts arrived.


When adding the nose wheel option the main gear is moved back two inches and turned around. This changes the geometry of the wing struts so the kit included two welded steel strut mounts along with some awesome looking aluminum strut tube ends that make it easy to mount struts to the , axle mounts.

Over the next few days I will be installing the nose wheel and documenting the process. Since I am the first person to get the nose wheel option I suspect there will be lots of little problems that need worked out.


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