Nose Gear part 2

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Mounting the nose gear to the fuselage requires some reinforcement to the fuselage. I started by cutting a piece of RS-10 to fit where the gear will mount and gluing it in place.

RS-10 reinforcement block
Clamping block in place while glue dries

Next I cut a 1/8″ piece of plywood to make a gusset and glued it in place.

Plywood gusset


I did not like the seam between the existing and new gusset so I decided to put a RS-535 gusset to tie it all together.

Plywood gusset

Next I need to make some aluminum angle brackets that will be bolted to this reinforced area to support a couple of C channel parts.


2 thoughts on “Nose Gear part 2

    David said:
    May 27, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    Looking Good !

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