Nose Gear part 3

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Now that the wood reinforcements are completed its time to add the aluminum supports. I’m not going to cover all the boring details of cutting and drilling necessary to make the brackets since that part is pretty straight forward. All of the holes were only drilled to 1/8″ and will be sized as needed later. I started with the right rear bracket. Once I decided where it will go I drilled through the 1/8″ hole through the fuselage side then expanded both to 1/4″ and bolted the bracket in place.

Nose gear support bracket

Next I added the left bracket, the important thing here was to ensure the bottom hole was the same distance from the front of the fuselage as the right hole. Next I cut the RS-300 C channel to fit between the two brackets. This was a little difficult since the ends are not square, I sanded a little bit off at a time until it fit well.

Nose wheel C channel support

I also rounded the bottom edge so the channel fit well to the bracket.

C channel rounded to fit brackets
C channel for brackets well

Some ink was added to the bottom of the channel and a line was marked straight down the middle. This line was lined up with the middle of the 1/8″ hole in the bracket. A center punch was used to mark the hole then it was drilled to 1/8″

Like up C channel center with center of bracket hole

Once the holes were drilled everything was checked for fit before proceeding.


Satisfied with the fit the holes were expanded to 3/16″

C channel for brackets fit well

The steel gear mount needs to be centered in the fuselage. Using my amazing math skills I calculate and marked the location of the holes on the channel.


Before drilling the 1/4″ holes the locations were verified.

Checking that hole marks line up

Since the channel is 1/8″ higher than the floor I made some 1/8″ plywood spacers/washers.


These were rather simple to make. I used a compass to draw 1″ circles. The centers were drilled to 1/4″ then the outside rough cut on the band saw. They were then put onto a 1/4″ bolt and chucked in the drill press where a sanding block was used to sand them round.

Plywood spacers

Now the nose gear mount was bolted in place.

Gear mount

The front support was put in place using a similar method. I first started by drilling through the gear mount up through the bottom of the floor.

Front gear mount holes

The front channel was cut to the proper length so it fit between the two brackets. Using the amazing math the gear support holes were drilled and fit verified.


Then the bracket holes were drilled through the C channel using the same method used above.


Once I was satisfied with the fit the holes were drilled through the brackets into the floor. Then the brackets were bolted to the floor so the side holes could be located and drilled through the fuselage.


Then everything was put together.

Nose gear mount
Nose gear supports

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