Nose Gear part 4

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Time to get the fuselage rolling. I drilled the holes in the vee tube for the fiberglass rod and bracket mounts.

Fiberglass rod, strut brackets on V tube

I slid the fiberglass into the steel mount on the fuselage, put the wheel assembly into the vee tube resulting in a rolling chassis!

Nose gear mount with fiberglass rod
The MiniMax rolls!
Nose gear without struts and steering

The fiberglass tube gives a surprising amount of suspension. Because of this I am not going to drill the hole through the gear mount and the fiberglass or install the struts yet. The weight of the engine will change the ride height and if I drilled it now it might be too low when the engine is added. I want the propeller to cut the air, not the grass!

For the moment I am going to pause the nose gear installation. I need to varnish the fuselage bottom, engine compartment and main gear legs. Hopefully this will be the last time I need to flip the fuselage upside down until it’s time to install fabric and paint.

Once those tasks are compete I will return to the nose wheel installation detailing the strut and steering components.


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