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Now that the airplane rolls I pushed it outside and Anna help me flip it over and set it on some saw horses. I  removed the nose and main gear then we carried it back into the garage.

Using the router I rounded the bottom edges.


The edge must remain square where the main gear is mounted.  Not only did I leave it square where the gear is but also where the gear would be if I was building a tail dragger. This way it can be converted into a tail dragger in the future.

The random orbital sander  did a great job smoothing the plywood in perperation for the varnish. My goal is to varnish the bottom and the main gear so the fuselage will not need  turned upside down like this until it’s time to attach the fabric and paint. Since the sides can be varnished when it is upright I will not be varnishing them now.

After mixing up a batch of thin epoxy varnish I started applying it to the bottom and the engine compartment.


The leading and trailing edge of the main gear legs were rounded. The router bit I have does not have a large enough radius so I also used my plane and the Great Plains easy touch contour sander I used to build many models with.

Rounded edge of main gear
Rounded edge of main gear

Now I just need to get two coats of varnish applied to the main gear legs and fuselage bottom.


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