Rudder Pedals

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Now that the floor board is fastened in place I turned my attention to the rudder pedals. The two pedals were cut from RS-591. The curve was cut using the Dremal circle cutting attachment, I doubt my feet will be bothered by the center hole. Once they were cut the hinges were attached and they were mounted on the floor board. Two 1/4″ slots were cut in the floor board to accommodate the nose gear controls.

Rudder pedals attached to floor board

Next the nose gear steering brackets were fabricated from RS-200. Unlike the TEAM prototype, my 1030 has the floor board sitting on the nose gear c-channel support so I had to make the brackets longer than the plans.

Nose gear rudder bracket
Extended brackets

Next it was necessary to cut slots in the fuselage bottom so these brackets can reach the outside. I did this by using the floor board as a guide drilling two 1/4″ holes at the end of each slot.

Transfer slots to fuselage bottom
Guide holes for slots

Then using 3/16″ drill bit I drilled a series of holes the between the two 1/4″ holes. It was necessary to make the slots in the fuselage longer than the floor board slots so I extended the holes.

Holes drilled length of slot

Using the 1/4″ round file I connected the slots and cleaned the edges with a flat file.

Nose gear steering arm slots

Next the brackets were attached to the pedals and the floor board installed to check fit.

Rudder pedals with nose gear brackets

This area will be difficult to access once the fuselage top is installed so, according to the plans, I cut an access hole in the front of the fuselage. Again the Dremel circle cutter was handy.

Dremel circle cutter

I did not make one continuous cut, each half was cut leaving a little bit of material between the two halfs.

Leave a little connected on each side to ensure you end up with a circle

The cover was installed to check fit.

Access cover looks great
Access cover inside

To complete this I fabricated the rudder cable and spring brackets then attached them to the pedals. The front nose gear c-channel was removed and two 1/8″ holes drilled in it. Two springs were installed on the two holes with the other end attached to the pedals.

Sidings attached to c-channel
Springs attached to pedals

Since the circle cutter was out I also cut the hole for the foot step.

Foot step hole

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    David said:
    June 8, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    Beautiful workmanship

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