BRS Bridle Routing

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Time to route the BRS bridles from the axle to the parachute. I first attached the bridle to the axle.

Bridle lopped around axle

The most logical place to enter the fuselage is straight up and there already happens to be a plywood block there so I cut a short in it.

Slot for BRS bridle
Slot for BRS bridle

Next a slot in the seat is needed.

Slot in seat for bridle

From there it’s routed through the fuselage top just in front of the rear spar carry through. Be sure that the bridle is on top of the seat belt, not under it!

Bridle slot under turtle deck

At this point the right and left routing differ. The left bridle needs to go over the shoulder harness over to the right side. Starting with the third stringer on the left, ending with the third stringer on the right a notch is cut into the top of the stringer to make room for the bridle.

Shots cut in center four stringers for bridle
Bridle slots in stringer

For aesthetics each slot is covered with a piece of 1/16″ plywood. This piece must easily break away so I only glued one side, the fabric will hold it in place.

1/16" plywood cover bridle slot

The next hassle of the BRS is the egress port. Two stringers must be modified so they can break away.


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