Completing the nose wheel

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Completing the nose wheel was not too much work. After adjusting the fiberglass rod to get proper ride height I drilled the holes and bolted it to the mount.

Nose gear fiberglass rod

Next I flattened the ends on the RS-402 struts in the vice and drilled a 3/16″ hole in each one. To ensure both were the same length I put them side by side.

Nose gear struts

After measuring the needed distance I flattened the other end at a 90° rotation from the first. Marked the holes, drilled them and then installed both struts.

Nose gear strut mount

The steering bar nylon support was put in place. This was tricky because of the angle.

Nylon support

The steering rods were threaded and attached to the rudder pedals and steering arm.

Nose gear steering arm

The rudder pedals were clamped to a board to keep the straight. The steering rods were adjusted until the steering bar was centered. With the nose wheel straight the bolt hole for the steering arm was drilled into the steering bar and fastened in place.


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