BRS Egress Port

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The parachute needs to exit somewhere, I choose between the first and third stringer on the rear turtle deck.

BRS launch tube
BRS launch tube

I did  to move the launch tube mount toward the center,  this required drilling an extra hole in the BRS mount. Be sure to use loctite on the bolts.

Launch tube mount relocated

Those two at the egress port had a section cut out so they can be turned into break away stringers.

Cutting stringers

A small piece of this aluminum was cut and formed into a U shape and glued onto the bottom of each stringer. I used .016” thick aluminum. It was tough to get the nice corners needed to hold stringer at proper height.

Stringer supports
Glue stringer supports

Once the glue was dry the sections that were cut off were beveled on each end.

Bevel ends for easier egress

Then set into the U slots.

Break away stringers

The fabric will hold these in place and the rocket will easily blow them out of the way should I ever need to deploy the parachute.

I’m sure someone will want to know why I don’t launch the rocket straight up. While that is what I wanted to do the space does not allow this.The seat belt shoulder straps go over the BRS, if the chute launched straight up it is quite likely to pull or get tangled in the shoulder straps. Risking a malfunction or my shoulders getting crushed by the seat belt did not make sense. Pulling the parachute out the side avoided conflict with the seat belt.


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