Fuel Tank

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Before gluing the top on I wanted to get the fuel tank mounted. I recall David at TEAM telling me to put fuel in the tank before mounting it since it will swell. About a week ago I put a couple gallons in it and shook it up to ensure the entire inside surface was exposed to fuel. When I checked it today the top and bottom were swollen a little but the four sides were really swollen.

I put the tank and it’s support in the fuselage and placed the top onto the fuselage to ensure everything lined up.

Fuel tank support

Once I was satisfied that it was located properly I drilled the holes into the fuselage sides and bolted the support in place.

Tank support bolt

While  the plywood is strong enough to hold the tank I am thinking about adding a plywood doubler around the holes so they will be less likely to get stretched out over time.

This is the first time I’ve had the rudder pedals and the fuel tank in place at the same time and I noticed that they were really close to one another. This had me concerned that my big feet might not fit well so I climbed into the cockpit to check the fit. Unfortunately my fears were confirmed, my toes can get caught on the tank support.

Tore caught on tank support

This could be deadly, in a panic situation I might not realize my toe is caught on the tank preventing me operating the rudder.

The reason this problem exists is because the rear nose gear C channel raises the floor board 1.25″. After speaking with David at TEAM I cut 1/2″ off the C channel.

1/2" removed from rear nose gear support

While this made things better it was not good enough. So I also moved the RS-8 tank support back a few inches. A heat gun works great to unglue it.

Modified tank support

I did not take any pics detailing how the valve and sending unit were installed. It was really simple, drill a 1/2″ hole, insert rubber grommet and then insert the valve. Just make sure you use a Forster bit when drilling the hole so it is perfectly round. If you like leaks feel free to use a regular drill bit.

Forster bit

If I had the chance to do this all over I think I would have made the fuselage two inches higher.


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