Front turtle deck

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The front turtle deck needs to match up to the canopy and front cowl. With the cowl mounted I placed a board against it traced the contour, cut it out and sanded until it fit well.

Front former matched to cowl

Next I used a compass to mark a line 1/16″ from the ege.

Mark line 1/16" in from edge

Then I sanded to that line, this makes room for the deck skin. The front former was then glued in place.

The RS-7 side supports were cut to length. I had to make a couple notches in them so they can be bent to match the contour of the fuselage. I used some scrap 1/16″ plywood to ensure all pieces were inset 1/16″.

RS-7 side support

Next I cut out formers 1 and 1-A using the provided template as a reference.

A notch was cut in the front former and a bracket was made for f1 to hold the center stringer.

Former F1 and stringer

I then used some poster board to make templates for the deck skin. This also helped make F2 properly. I used the same method of holding a board against the poster board and tracing the contour.

Poster board template

F1-A was stapled to F1, F3 was clamped in place with some poster board spacers. The two RS-10 sides were cut to length then beveled to follow fuselage contour.

Former F-3 spaced out a bit too make room to open/close canopy

Be sure to put wax paper under canopy sections so it’s not glued to the fuselage.

The basic frame is looking good so far.

Front turtle deck and canopy frame

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