Front turtle deck continued

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The deck skin for the left side was cut  using the poster board template.  With this stapled in place I made two pieces to box in the fuel cap. Having the deck skin in place made it possible to ensure the pieces have the correct contour.

Once these parts were fabricated they were glued in place.

Scrap used to box in the gas cap

Next the deck skin for the right side was cut using the template. Each one was stapled in place and glue surfaces marked. All non-glue surfaces were varnished on the deck skins and fuselage.

Front turtle deck skins

At this point I realized that the canopy skin needs glued on before the turtle deck. This allows leaving some overhang on the front that will later be trimmed off with the router.
After making some templates the canopy skins were cut out.

Canopy skin

The canopy skins were glued on and then it was set aside to dry. Then the deck skins were glued on.

MiniMax front turtle deck

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