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After the front turtle deck skin dried I used the router to flush cut the skins on the deck and canopy. Then it was time to install the canopy hinge. I had to sand a little bit of the canopy under the hinge so it lined up properly with the deck.

Canopy hinge

I decided to try these double ball latches to hold the canopy closed. With some loc tite  on the adjusters I think they will work great. I cut two holes using the router into the canopy and attached the male end of the latch to the canopy.


To locate the holes on the fuselage I used some bubble gum. The female part of latch was hooked into the male. Gum stuck on fuselage and some saw dust sprinkled on top. When the canopy was closed a nice impression of the holes remained and I drilled the pilot holes. Sorry I did not take a picture of this.


With the latches and hinge in place I got the random orbital sander out and went along all seams so everything matches perfectly. It turned out better than I expected. Now I just need to decide what I want to do for a handle to open the canopy from the inside and outside.

Attaching the windshield was time consuming. Lexan is really easy to work with. Cuts great with metal shears, edges can be cut with a small razor plane and you can even use a metal hole press to make holes. I first trimmed the bottom edge about 1″ larger than the pattern and put only the center bolt hole in it.. Using some clamps I adjusted the lexan to the desired position. I then fabricated and glued the front center block in place followed by the right and left block. I used some of my pvc clamps and rubber bands to hold them in place while the glue dried.


I just worked my way back from the center screw to the back while ensuring symmetry as I progressed. The end result looks great.

MiniMax 1030

I plan to leave the protective film on the lexan until the airplane is finished. The top edge still needs trimmed but I will do that as one of the last steps before the first flight. I’m still undecided on how high I want the windshield.


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