Smooth Transitions

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Lots of areas on the wings are uneven by design. When I put the fabric on those areas will create ridges that won’t look that good. I decided to glue on some “ramps” so the transitions are smooth instead of abrupt.

I started by stapling a 1/16″ strip to a board.


On the edge of the board I stapled some 1/16″ plywood material.


Placing the first strip on the router bottom puts the side at an angle. Using a flush cut but the ramp was routed onto the plywood.


I took the long strip of ramp material and cut it into 1/4″ sections.


These small ramps are glued onto the ribs wherever an abrupt change in height exists.


Whenever I mix up some glue for something, whatever is left over I use to glue on some ramps.


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