Applying the fabric

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This weekend I started applying the fabric. The MiniMax 1030 kit included 1.8oz poly-fiber cloth along with the poly-fiber products to apply it. Everyone seems to recommend starting with something small like the fin or rudder so that’s what I did.

I started with the rudder and that went well but I did end up with some bumps where I used too much glue. That was easily fixed with some MEK to dissolve the glue and smooth out our the iron. Speaking of irons, temperature is very important so should you ever do this get a Coverite thermometer. Your local hobby store likely stocks this, if not they are easy to order online.

Coverite thermometer

After completing the rudder I started on the fin. I took some scraps from the rudder and glued them in the hinge area. Then installed the hinges. This will make it easier to seal the area around the hinges. Wish I had thought of this before starting on the rudder.

Fabric under hinge

Once the fabric is installed it will not be possible to access the nut that holds the hinge in place. To ensure the bolt does not come loose I put some thread locker on the them and then installed the lock nuts.

Thread locker

I forgot to get a picture of the lock nut but I did indeed use a AN 365-1032 lock nut.

After covering the fin the hinge area looks nice.

Rudder hinge

The final fin/rudder look pretty good.

Covered fin and rudder

I plan to tackle the elevator and stabilizer next.


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