Elevator Trim Tab

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Searching the Internet for some ideas for the elevator trim tab lever I stumbled across a much better idea for a trim system than an ugly tab. The Aeroconversions Trim System is quite simple and not very expensive so I ordered it. It works by adjusting the tension on one of two opposing springs. One spring pulls the elevator up, the other down. Adjusting the tension on one spring will cause the control sick to move.

The first thing I did when it arrived was modify it so it can be adjusted easier.  Picked up a few parts from the hardware store.


Drilled a hole into the trim dial.


Put it all together and now have a little knob that makes it much easier to operate.


After climbing in the cockpit to test different locations for mounting the trim dial, I decided that the best location is on the dash. Since I need to use my left hand to operate it the only logical place was the left dash right where my switches are located.


Looks like it’s time to make a new dashboard, I was not quite happy with the first attempt anyway.


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