Strut Bracket

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The strut brackets in the bottom of the wing protrude through the fabric. I thought it would be best if the fabric can be glued to some wood around the brackets.

The rear spar was easy. I cut a piece of 1/8″ ply with two slots for the bracket.


A strip of 1/8″ ply is needed between the spar and the slotted plywood to achieve the correct height.


The front spar was more difficult. I started by cutting out the plywood nose wrap and a piece of 1/8″ ply as shown in the picture below.


The 1/8″ ply was glued inside the wing.

A hatch cover was fabricated from some 1/8″ and 1/16″ ply.


Some automotive fasteners were used to hold the hatch on.


Next an RS-10 block was cut in an unusual way.


I then glued a RS-1 between the block and the adjacent rib.



Next I added a slotted sheet of 1/16″ ply and one of the transition ramps I made earlier.



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