Updated Dashboard

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My first dash was made from 1/4″ plywood, this was difficult to deal with since most panel mount items are made for a maximum of 1/8″ panels. The problem with 1/8″ panels is they are too flimsy and need additional support. I’ll worry about that a bit later. I started with the same type of plywood used on the fuselage sides, thought the matching color would look nice. After drilling, sanding and varnish I have a nice looking dash.

Minimax dashboard

The tablet will mount to the four holes in the center. The next problem is making the dashboard stiffer. The first thing I did was cut the perimeter of the original 1/4″ dash.


The bottom needed to be cut down to 1/8″


Next I created two support members and glued the three pieces in place.



I also added a piece of 1/8″ ply to the center mount point.


The trim adjuster was also bolted to the support brace.



The result is a rigid dashboard that can easily be replaced should I decide to rearrange/replace the instruments in the future. It also looks really nice.



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