Drain Grommets

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If any moisture gets inside the airframe it needs a place to escape so a few dozen drain grommets need installed. On the bottom of the stabilizer and elevator I glued a plastic grommet in each rib bay.

Drain grommet

Each grommet needs a circle patch of fabric glued on top of it. To make the patches I put some poly brush onto some fabric and let it dry. Then drew some circles on the fabric and used pinking shears to cut them out. The order is important, poly brush then draw circles. If you do it backwards you end up with ovals.


Some glue is applied on top of and around the the grommet.


The glue was applied to the back of the patch. I was most concerned with ensuring the pinked edges had glue.


The patch is applied and smoothed out.


After the paint is completed I will use a soldering iron to melt the center of the grommet to open the hole.

Looks pretty good after adding the primer.



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