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After lots of research I decided to use latex paint. The best source of information I found is from Malcolm Morrison on his website

With a little extra labor he has created some excellent looking paint jobs using latex. So I thought I’d give this a try with my own twist. After applying the fabric I sealed the weave using two coats of poly brush. One coat brushed on up/down the other right/left. At this point the fabric looks like this.


I then put on a coat of thinned out Glidden Gripper primer. It kept foaming and did not turn out looking too well.


I got some floetrol and that helped with the bubbles. I did two coats and dry sanded with 400 grit after each coat. Windshield washer fluid and water both resulted in lots of bubbles when rolling, floetrol nearly eliminated them.

Here are a couple pictures of the results.




The empennage is covered and primed ready for painting. Before I start painting I want to get the fuselage covered and primed, might even wait until the wings are covered and primed.

The kids helped me strip down the fuselage so I can start covering it. The first piece of fabric goes on the bottom so we got it on the saw horses upsidedown.



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