Covering fuselage

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Started applying the fabric to the fuselage. On large sections of plywood I only glued the edges. The unglued areas will later be shrink then glued/sealed with the poly brush.



I also glued around any holes or slots.


Around the landing gear blocks I put a small strip of white felt around the perimeter to make the transition smoother. With some selective shrinking of the fabric it was not too hard to get the fabric wrinkle free around the block.


On the fuselage sides I applied some poly brush to the fabric before cutting off the excess. This helps prevent the fabric from fraying. After the poly brush was dry I drew a straight line so I can cut the excess off.


After cutting off the excess fabric with the pinking shears I glued the fabric to the fuselage side.


After the bottom was finished I started on the sides. The sides were wrapped around the bottom to help hide the seam.


With both sides and the bottom covered only the turtle decks remain.



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