Yaesu Radio Adapter

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The Yaesu radio adapter for my MicroAvionics powered radio interface sucks. It sticks straight out the side blocking access to other parts of my dash.

MicroAvionics MM014DD same as Yaesu CT-91A adapter

The Yaesu came with a really nice adapter but it was made for general aviation connectors making it useless for the MicroAvionics powered radio interface. So I cut the general aviation connectors off of it.

Yaesu SCU-15 headset adapter with headrest ends cut off

Dropped by Radio Shack and picked up a 1/8″ female stereo cable connector. The white wire connects to the tip and of course the braid connects to the ground.

1/8" stereo female jack

The other connector is a 3/32 and the Shack did not have any so I stole the connector from the MicroAvionics adapter. Red wire to tip, black to center and braid to ground.

3/32 female stereo jack

I cut down one edge of each connector to ensure they both fit onto the MicroAvionics MM005 interface cable.

Cut down to fit MM005
Connect adapter to MM005


Yaesu FTA-550 with MicroAvionics MM014DD


Yaesu with modified SCU-15 adapter

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