Mounting the Radio

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After sitting in the cockpit trying different locations I decided to mount the radio on the dash. I had to make a small spacer of 1/8″ ply because the back of the radio is recessed where the screws are located.

Spacer for radio
Back of radio

It fits well in this location with the modified Yaesu adapter I made.

Radio mounted

This location did block one of the two switches I had on the dash and the one unblocked switch cannot have a cover because the radio adapter keeps the cover from opening. I plan to enlarge the blocked switch hole to feed the radio wires through the dash. I’m undecided on what I want to do about switches. I really only need one switch but if my generator fails it would be nice to be able to turn off non-essentials to preserve battery power.

At this time I will go with just one switch next to the starter key. The dash is looking really nice so far.

MiniMax dash with radio mounted

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