Covering the Top of the Fuselage

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Covering the rear turtle deck was a little frustrating because some of the stringers bowed when the fabric was shrunk. To correct this I put some MEK to loosen the glue. Then pushed down on the fabric next to the stringer to pull the fabric. Let the glue dry, release and shrink wrinkles with iron. To ensure the stringers are straight I used some duct tape and string.

Check if stringers are straight

After getting the stringers straight and admiring my work I pulled out a knife and made a big slice in the nice new fabric.

Cut fabric for BRS bridle exit

If the BRS is ever used the left bridle will rip out of the fabric. To make it a little easier to rip out the fabric is cut them patched. After patching and shrinking it looks OK.

Patch over BRS bridle

After the first coat of poly brush the fuselage looks good.


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