Covering Canopy

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Before covering the canopy I wanted to ensure there is enough room for the fabric between the canopy and fuselage. I checked by placing a flashlight inside the fuselage and looked at the seam.


I did need to do a little sanding to get a nice even gap but it was not too much work.

I am only covering the front portion of the canopy. The 1/4″ ply at the rear is too thin to bother with and the bottom RS-10 is covered by lexan and hinges.

Turtle deck and canopy meet
Canopy hinge

I have been thinking of painting the bottom 1″ or so of the lexan white so it will blend into the fuselage better and hide the ugly blocks that it attaches to. That would cover these fabric free areas too.

There really is nothing special about covering the canopy, just a little tricky cutting around the blocks.


Now it just needs primed and painted.


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