Dashboard Take Three

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Lurking on ETLB forum I stumbled across a post from Brian about his V-Max dash that had some rubber insulators between the fuselage and the dash. Makes sense to me, reducing the amount of engine vibration that reaches the gauges is a good thing. So I decided to do the same thing.  Ordered some rubber vibration isolation mounts.

Vibration isolators

These isolators have M5 threads and are about 5/8″ in diameter. The rubber section is also about 5/8″ high.

Next I created three triangular brackets using some RS-1 and 1/8″ plywood. 

Dashboard Bracket

The dash panel is attached to the brackets using two bolts. By using bolts I can easily replace the dash panel in the future should I ever install different gauges.

The most important thing to remember is that the dash panel and anything attached to it must not touch any part of the airplane. Any wiring or tubing that is attached must be loose and free otherwise it will transmit vibrations to the dash.

Because of that I mounted the trim adjuster to the fuselage using an aluminum bracket, this way vibrations are not transmitted to the dash through the stiff cable.

Pitch trim adjuster bracket

Since the dash is angled I made a shim so the adjuster can be mounted at the same angle.

Pitch trim shim

The notch is to clear the front spar carry through bolt.


Pitch trim adjuster

The hole is the dash is made about 1/4″ diameter larger than the adjuster knob so it does not touch the dash.


Clearance for pitch trim

Mounting the dash this way will make it easier to inspect and maintain these components.

Rear of dash panel

On the right side the bolts holding the EIS in place are also used to attach the dash panel to the bracket.


The final result looks great.

Completed dash

Now I just need to take it all apart so I can varnish the panel and brackets.


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